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Imp Act is an independent instrumental rock band based in sunny island Singapore. Formed in November of 2019, the group enjoys composing and performing rock music that combines melodic elements with nuances of musical technicalities. They aim to feature their music on a wide variety of platforms, such as online streaming. live performances and synchronization for motion pictures.  Their long-term goal is to transform the group into a brand, a community, and a movement that will represent their collective creation of musical artworks. 

Reviews of our music:

- The Island of Alsocanla is easily my favorite song. It shows a true depth and skill in musicianship and songwriting. You guys should be very proud of your work you are a fantastic band!  - Kelley Bridgewater, Indianapolis Indiana, USA

- If you're oriented towards rock music specifically modern progressive rock, there is nothing better than Imp Act. They are a genre on their own. Every song is a masterpiece and will give you a journey to travel along to. - Nikos Page,  Founder & Director of Lovestate Records, Greece

- Their music takes me on an emotional journey. The part that makes me want to headbang to another just relaxes me. It's phenomenal!

   - Nikhil Amarnani,  Owner & Head Engineer of Line In Records, Manila, Philippines

- I really liked what I heard! I like that your riffs have parts with interesting breaks and rhythms, which gives the whole thing a very prog-ish vibe, while keeping emotional. ambient and somewhat "hypnotic" post-rock vibe with the beautiful sounding harmonies. - Hei'An, Multi-instrumentalist, Engineer, Slovenia

External links to reviews of our music:

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