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Raywyn Zayne

Head of Sound

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Ray is our audio engineer (and an audio ninja). He is a close friend of Mark and they enjoy working together. Ray is always focused on getting the best out of everyone in our production,  otherwise, he will make that person 'disappear' (since he practices the art of Ninjutsu). So no one is dozing off when he's around.  

Ray is an unduly inquisitive creature. He started out in 2014 as a Live Sound Engineer. In recent years, he has started to work on mastering music. His works are spanned across genres, from hardcore punk to praise and worship, or acoustic singer-songwriters to experimental works. He is currently a partner Mastering Engineer with studios abroad, mainly Line In Records (Philippines) and Voice of Retaliation Records (Italy). His recent works include, but are not limited to, The Great Dane - Vodka (PH), MADA - 8x (SG), and Hey Moonshine - Wicked Man (PH).

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